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When backup is needed… in other words AWS Backup

Backup is one of the basic security elements that ensure meeting the requirements set in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes.   While implementing the process of creating backup policies one...

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Security and compliance based on the AWS cloud

Amazon Web Services as a cloud leader for more than 12 years and creating new solutions, has also developed a number of audit procedures that are aimed at ensuring compliance with restrictive criteria, in many demanding...

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Security management using DevOps

Safety and risk assessment are one of the most important elements subjected to cyclical inspections. In order to improve these processes, it is worth considering their automation. DevOps practices can be useful,...

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#4 Serverless User Group Poland – Warsaw

On January 24th, we met for the first time this year on the 4th, extremely exciting meetup dedicated to Serverless technology. Before the official welcome of the participants, we had a moment for networking, coffee and a...

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LCloud – Top IT Outsourcing Company!

From cloud migration services to IT consulting, we have been helping our clients navigate through the complicated world of IT and transform their online businesses to be more efficient and up-to-date. Our team at...

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#3 Serverless User Group Poland

On 27th of September 2018, we have met for the third time for  Serverless User Group Poland’s meetup.   The meetiup was opened by Adrian Kiełtyka – Event & Social Manager at Aviva Kariera and...

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Amazon GuardDuty – protection with one click

Amazon GuardDuty is a service that aims to constantly monitor and manage cloud threats. It provides protection for AWS accounts and workloads. It owes its effectiveness to quick risk analysis and simple operation...

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DevSecOps as a security guard

There are many approaches to managing IT projects. One of them is DevOps, also used in working with the AWS cloud. DevOps is, in short, a technique combining the development and exploitation of resources, which aims to...

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AWS Free Tier – a free cloud starter pack

Gaining engineering experience is associated with an infinite number of hours of practice and continuous training. Every beginner as DevOps or SysOps, gains experience by doing the labs. It is worth considering the...

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AWS Europe – changes in calculations and fees for the cloud

Amazon Web Services plans to introduce changes related to the financial and payroll system that until now has been in force in Europe. In the message that was sent to customers, the following message appears: Beginning 1...

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We are on the lead!

Out of over 100 companies listed, LCloud was listed as the top IT outsourcing firm in Poland! To be considered a market leader on Clutch is an enormous accomplishment for us as a company. Our recognition as a market leader...

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Amazon EKS – an automated container solution

The Kubernetes cluster technology is successfully used on such platforms as The New York Times, Zalando, Bla Bla Car and many others. All the more, we should be pleased to hear that the Amazon EKS solution, based on...

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