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LCloud - Member of Google Cloud Platform!

27.9.2019 | LCloud
Google is one of the largest cloud solution providers in the world.  
Our membership in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage community is a natural response to the expectations of our clients in the field of multi-cloud strategies.

We believe that by giving clients the opportunity to choose between two cloud computing leaders – Amazon Web Services and GCP – we can offer even more comprehensive solutions. 

Google Cloud Platform is a set of services implemented in the cloud computing model, which currently includes:

  • Google App Engine – a universal environment that allows application developers to focus on creating applications in one of the popular programming languages ​​(Java, Python, GO, PHP), leaving the issue of maintaining and security of the hardware and software platform to Google;
  • Google Cloud Storage – a solution for storing large data sets;
  • Google Cloud SQL – a solution enabling the use of SQL databases in the cloud model;
  • Google Cloud Compute – a competitive solution to AWS, allowing you to run your own virtual machines on the Google platform;
  • Google Big Query – a solution enabling the processing of large data sets (BigData).

Cooperation with a member of Google Cloud Partner Advantage ensuring access to specialist knowledge and technical support in the cloud.

Google Cloud Platform is the power of infinite possibilities, and this is just the beginning of our adventure. Stay with us to be able to fully use the potential of Google Cloud in the near future! 

Ask us about the possibilities of Google Cloud Platform now! (