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From developer to instructor -
how our DevOps started to train
others with AWS services

7.6.2018 | LCloud
As a partner of the prestigious Cloud Team (formerly ACTION Education Center), which is the only one in Poland to be authorized as Amazon Web Services Authorized Training Partner, we are proud that one of our experienced Solution Architects and DevOps – Wojtek – became the Amazon Authorized Instructor Champion. This is an extremely elite distinction, it is a recognition of the way of passing knowledge and testifies to the experience of our team. 


Obtaining the title is not the easiest one. The instructormust be fluent in using AWS services, and in an accessible and understandable way, be able to explain the operation and applicability of those services to other users. This proves his skills and training knowledge, which in turn is a comprehensive complement to AWS certification at Professional level obtained by Wojtek. 



At the beginning of March 2018, Amazon Web Services decided to slightly change the approach to the competence development of instructors, who work and train others based on their services. Two categories have been created: 
  • Standard Amazon Authorized Instructors
  • Champion Amazon Authorized Instructors
Both are in themselves a prestigious decoration in an environment working on AWS. 



To be called an instructor you should:
  • obtain the Solution Architect certificate, at least at the Associate level
  • complete a special instructor course, run by the AWS mentor, confirming the candidate’s knowledge and technical skills
  • obtain confirmation of the highest level of these competences from the AWS mentor
The added value to being an AWS instructor is the opportunity to participate in exclusive events such as Instructor MeetUp’s, special sessions “Train the Trainer” or webinars.
Valuable, in addition to the certificate, is a badge, which you can emphasize your qualifications.
The instructors also gain access to the beta version of the AWS services. Therefore, being AAI is also an opportunity to test cloud solutions in the trial phase. It also allows you to participate in the improvement and development of services that are of real importance in the subsequent implementation of them to customer needs.
An important issue is the reliability of the level of knowledge transferred. The satisfaction of people acquiring new skills under the watchful eye of a certified instructor is also important. For this purpose, a measure of satisfaction was introduced using the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) indicator. The participants of the training give the instructor a grade – on a scale from 1 to 9, by selecting the appropriate note, where 1 is a very dissatisfied student, and 9 is very satisfied. The CSAT indicator value is closely monitored by AWS.

All these requirements are a priority for Wojtek, and for us a determinant of work ethics, to remain the best in what we love to do.



Wojciech Orzechowski – DevOps at LCloud – has 5 AWS certification: Solution Architect (Associate, Professional), Developer Associate, DevOps Professional, SysOps Associate and AWS Authorized Instructor Champion. Although his adventure with training others began less than 8 months ago, Wojtek has already trained many students (you can count them in dozens, and soon the meter will show three digits 🙂 ). The driving force behind Wojtek’s motivation are the people, who do not just pass on their experience, but also thanks to them he keeps moving forward, gaining further knowledge and subsequent certifications.




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