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Take your business to the next level – cloud migration

Migration of systems and data to the cloud is now an essential action for customers looking for high operational flexibility and lower risk associated with running a business and storing sensitive data.

The essence of the migration service is to prepare processes and infrastructure for systems, applications and data in the AWS computing cloud and then migrate them. There is no single ideal scenario for each migration, therefore the service involves personalization in order to develop the most optimal solutions.


Services provided as part of cloud migration

Migration step by step

What will you gain, thanks to cloud migration?

Scalable environment

This will help you to open up opportunities for you to grow your business freely.


You only pay for resources used, not reserved.

High availability of the solution

We eliminate Single Points of Failure (SPoF) and obstacles to business operational continuity.

Modern environment

Often nearly maintenance-free, where automation is also implemented as part of the service.

High security level

Assured by us, thanks to our security culture and also the technical security of our data centers and daily operations of AWS.

Increased productivity

With the ability to create a secure, standardized, and automated infrastructure, you increase your business capability.

What problems does migration to cloud computing solve?

Reduce the level of risk in your business

Migration to the cloud, due to the huge availability of solutions and billing model, protects you from unnecessary costs and large capital investments in resources, such as servers or hardware. Additionally, in situations when you will need to increase your capabilities, you have no limits. Thanks to the high availability of the solution, when you do not use the resources, you can simply turn them off and you will not be charged. This allows you to avoid high costs.

System issues on the provider side

By choosing a cloud computing solution you do not need the entire team involved in managing and stability of the system. These issues are solved and provided by the cloud provider. Additionally, instead of spending time on system administration, your team can focus on business applications that are your main value.


Easy scalability means that applications can increase their capabilities and performance to match increasing traffic or demand for its selected components. Scalability is guaranteed thanks to the large number of regions and Availability Zones from which AWS resources are served. It is perfect especially for those businesses that have to deal with seasonally increasing traffic.

Guaranteed data security

We take a number of actions with the primary goal of ensuring the complete security of all resources. This means your data is taken care of in the best possible way. This is all thanks to specially created sets of rules – AWS Best Practices and AWS tools. Additionally, the Amazon Web Services cloud ensures compliance with all applicable laws and the most demanding policies.

Modern technology

The Amazon Web Services platform is an endlessly growing collection of services that integrate into a reliable whole. Using them, developers and IT professionals can compile, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of data centers, from anywhere on earth.

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

Our actions during cloud migration process are based on the insights and perspectives provided by AWS Cloud Adoption Framework.

To help its users, AWS Professional Services has created the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF). This is a set of guidelines and best practices presented within the framework. Its goal is to help organizations design and execute cloud adoption faster.

CAF makes it easy to build a comprehensive approach to cloud computing across the organization and throughout the IT lifecycle. It helps us to achieve measurable business benefits faster and with less risk.

The framework is divided into two perspectives: business and technology one. It focuses on six key areas related to cloud migration.

Business perspective:

  • Business
    Allows you to assess and analyze business opportunities that will optimize benefits through migration. Also identifies competency areas and operational processes that need improvement.
  • People
    Focuses on the training and communication aspect related to the team. Allows to verify the knowledge and update the skills of the team, in order to optimize the work and ensure continuity in the delivery of the relevant competencies.
  • Governance
    Provides guidance for those responsible for supporting business processes using cloud solutions. Provides an understanding of all organizational and business processes within a company and the ability to verify the results achieved with cloud computing.

Technology perspective:

  • Platform
    Helps design, implement and optimize AWS architecture based on business objectives. Supports the process of identifying needs and changes in services. Systems and solution architecture helps define and describe system design and architectural standards.
  • Security
    Helps unify control and security policies in cloud operations. Following the guidance makes it easier to identify areas of non-compliance and plan ongoing changes to security policies.
  • Operations
    Helps understand what steps will be required to ensure system safety and reliability as you migrate to the cloud. The information gathered identifies current operating procedures, and helps determine the process changes and training needed for a successful cloud adoption

AWS services supporting the migration process

Check how others benefited from migration to the cloud

Below you will find case studies of our clients who decided to entrust us with the implementation of their projects. Check what challenges we faced and what we achieved using DevOps solutions.

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