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ULMUS - IoT application being an element Smart TV Sharp



The purpose of the UlMUS application was to monitor users behaviours according to set criteria, e.g. time spent watching a specific channel.

We had to design an application which was somehow ahead of its time, since back then, AWS still lacked services dedicated to the Internet of Things. It required perfect knowledge of the field and exceptionally creative approach to the project.


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Knowing perfectly well that the application needs to process 1600 requests per second, be highly available, scaled, efficient, and meet necessary requirements of personal data protection, we recommended, among other, the following technologies:

RabbitMQ Software, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Route53, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Cloud Storage Request Load Balancer, Cloud Storage WebService Application Servers, Hadoop Clusters, Hive, Hbase, Hadoop Distributed File System, 3rd part DBs, Metadata DB, AaaS (Analytics as a Service) API WebService Application Servers, REST, JSON, Amazon CloudWatch, Pingdom,Ganglia, Nagios, and RightScale




We fulfilled the task we’ve been entrusted with in 100%. The project of an innovative application met all set requirements and purposes, therefore the client decided to implement it without making any changes. The client selected specialists from their own team, who implemented the project according to our instructions.

An additional value was the fact that the realisation of the project made our team craving for knowledge in IoT, thanks to which we significantly increased our qualifications in the field, and today we complete similar challenges with ease .


Single Case