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Application and Infrastructure Migration

The essence of the service is the preparation of the infrastructure for applications in the GCP & AWS cloud and the migration of all resources. Depending on the current situation and needs of the client, we can also create a hybrid environment and combine the traditional server infrastructure that the client currently has with another computing cloud.

We can work on architecture design based on the following scenarios:
● full replication of the current resources of the application (migration 1:1),
● work from the scratch on the infrastructure and integrated services in order to achieve high levels of flexibility, scalability and availability of the application while optimising the costs of the required environment.

We recommend the second approach as it allows us to enrich the infrastructure with GCP & AWS services that give us the advantage of automating the deployment process, scalability, and high availability of resources.

When the cloud infrastructure is configured and enriched with complementary services, data migration can take place. Depending on the needs and capabilities, the client can perform it on their own (with our support) or entrusts us fully with this task, as we are AWS Partner as well as GCP authorized partner.

Both companies that use traditional environments in their own data centres or classic hosting and those that create applications on internal development environments can be counted among our clients.

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What will we ask of you before providing the service?

The speed and fluidity of the migration process depend largely on proper preparation. That is why, before each implementation, we ask our clients to:
- make an inventory of applications and infrastructure,
- update resources documentation,
- specify the objectives they want to achieve using cloud computing,
- define the time frame for the implementation of the project,
- indicate a developer who knows the application, its business objectives and technical capabilities and limitations very well.

What technologies do we use?

The foundation for our projects is an GCP & AWS computing cloud, which we enrich with complementary services, such as:
- Docker – used to create, deliver and launch applications in a virtualised container environment,
- Ansible - the framework that enables automating server and configuration management as well as running tasks on demand,
- Chef – a tool kit that enables testing the implemented solutions on local workstations.

What will you gain thanks to the application and infrastructure migration service?

- Scalable environment – allowing for smooth business development,
- Savings - you only pay for used, not reserved resources.
- High availability of the solution – we eliminate SPOFs (single points of failure) and obstacles that prevent the business continuity,
- Modern environment - often almost maintenance-free, if the service includes automation as well.

Learn how others benefited from application and infrastructure migration

Below you will find the case studies of our clients, who decided to entrust us with their projects. Find out what challenges we have faced and what we have accomplished using the right solutions.

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