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Application Scaling

As part of GCP & AWS Partnerships, we design and implement solutions that result in automated application scaling. This means that the application automatically improves its capabilities and efficiency by adjusting to the increasing traffic or demand for its selected components. This includes both front-end, back-end, database, disk resources, content caching, application logging, and other metrics. The ability to simultaneously connect to other applications and external systems (e.g., ERP, logistics, payment or recommendation systems), which is necessary for the proper functioning of the service, increases as well. As GCP & AWS Partner, we have developed fully automated standards for each of the abovementioned areas.

Scaling also includes network solutions, as first efficiency problems often appear at this very level. Our experience allows us to quickly detect and efficiently solve the bottleneck problem, where the performance of the entire system is limited by one or more components.

Application scaling is a great solution, particularly for businesses that have to deal with seasonally increasing traffic (for example, as a result of an advertising campaign), are unable to anticipate large fluctuations in traffic trends or want to grow globally. In the case of the third scenario, the application scales to the AWS data center closest to the target customer. Thanks to this distribution network, each user, irrespective of his or her location, receives all services immediately.

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What will we ask of you before providing the service?

We believe that clear rules of cooperation, known to each party from the beginning, are the basis for effective project implementation. That is why we describe the way we work with details and inform all clients how they should prepare for the upcoming collaboration.

In the case of the application scaling service, we ask our clients to:
• indicate minimum application requirements, that is those that are necessary to maintain it with normal traffic load,
• determine which resources should run automatically depending on the current traffic,
• indicate which events should activate or deactivate specific resources.

What technologies do we use?

As a longtime AWS partner and its first Advanced Partner in Poland as well as GCP Partner, we know very well and use all AWS services, even the latest ones, in project implementation.

In the case of the application scaling service, we use:
• AWS Cloudformation - it allows developers and system administrators to easily create and manage connected AWS Cloud resource collections as well as provision and update them in an orderly and predictable manner;
• Elastic Load Balancing -automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple AWS Cloud instances.

We also use complementary solutions from other providers, such as:
• Docker - a technology used to create, deliver and run applications in a virtualised container environment;
• OpsWorks - a configuration management service;
• Chef - a tool kit that enables testing the implemented solutions on local workstations.

What will you gain thanks to the application scaling service?

Thanks to the implementation of appropriate solutions, you get a highly accessible application that uses only the resources needed to handle current traffic, which also translates into lower costs.

The result of our work is a flexible environment that automatically adapts to your business needs and is a powerful support for global growth.
The environment automatically increases resources for ongoing advertising campaigns or report days.

With scalable on-demand infrastructure, we can also quickly create coherent test and development environments tailored to the current needs of the development team.

Learn how others benefited from a scalable application

Below you will find the case studies of our clients, who decided to entrust us with their projects. Find out what challenges we have faced and what we have accomplished using the right solutions.

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