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Hybrid Cloud Applications

We design flexible, scalable and highly available solutions based on a public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform), the container technology (Docker Cloud and Docker Hub), cloud source repositories (GitHub or BitBucket) and traditional server architecture.

As a part of GCP & AWS partnership, we have created proprietary software that makes building a hybrid cloud architecture based on the resources of traditional server environments as well as public and private clouds is much easier, more accessible and largely automated. It will meet the needs of the most complex of environments.

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What will we ask of you before providing the service?

We believe that transparency is the basis for effective project implementation. That is why we describe the way we work with details and inform the clients in advance about what is important in the implementation of a given service.

In the case of the hybrid cloud implementation, we ask our clients to:
• specify which environments are to be included in the hybrid cloud (e.g. AWS Cloud, Docker Hub, Docker Cloud, GitHub, BitBucket, and traditional server architecture),
• define the role of specific infrastructure elements,
• indicate the resources to be placed in each environment,
• determine the dependencies between specific infrastructure elements.

What technologies do we use?

The foundation of the implemented solutions are Google & Amazon Cloud, which we combine with complementary technologies, such as:
• Docker Cloud - a set of tools to automatically build and test Docker applications
• Docker Hub - a repository that lets us share the image of the whole system with the collaborators and the client,
• GitHub - a cloud code repository,
• BitBucket - a hosting service which helps us to use the Git system more easily more efficiently,
• our proprietary software which combines all the above mentioned technologies.

What will you gain thanks to the hybrid cloud implementation?

First of all, you get the opportunity to exploit the full potential of hybrid cloud computing. We combine selected modules of our proprietary software with any public or private cloud resources, and if required, also with a traditional server environment.

What our clients say about us

Below you will find the case studies of our clients, who decided to entrust us with their projects. Find out what challenges we have faced and what we have accomplished using the right solutions.

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