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25+ services of Nutricia brand in the UK
| Nutricia



Nutricia is a global brand specialising in early life nutrition and medical nutrition (Danone Group), which owns dozens of services – from corporate ones, through websites dedicated to specific brands, to advertising. each of them had a different amount of traffic and their own purpose.

Our task was to design and implement modern infrastructure on the basis of AWS cloud computing, which would stay perfectly scaled not only at time of adding new services, but also during advertising campaigns that cause significant increase in the traffic.

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We achieved full separation of resources and independent activity of all www services. We built two environments for the client: a test one and a production one. We identified and prevented the “bottleneck” problem, that is, a situation in which the efficiency of the whole system may decrease because of one r several elements of the architecture or the application.

Then we proceeded to the design and implementation stage. We used, among others, the following AWS services: AWS Lambda, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, AWS Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon S3 and other services.

We ran a series of tests, including efficiency and security tests, to make sure that the environment will be able to handle the incoming traffic and is properly secured in the case of
possible external attacks.



We created modern, safe, effective, and scaled infrastructure which adjusts to the added new services and increased traffic resulting from advertising campaigns.

Additionally, we created an opportunity for considerable savings, since we significantly reduced cost of maintaining all resources. The customer freely opens new services and starts advertising campaigns without worrying about costs and resources.

By creating this solution, we have been recognized as a Top Healthcare Software Development Companies by DesignRush. 

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