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Cost optimization in Google Cloud

Managing expenses in the cloud is one of the most important issues when designing a cloud solution. The application of appropriate principles of good design will allow not only to ensure high availability of the...

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Cloud security as a business value of Google

Cloud computing is the basis for the digital transformation of many companies that appreciate the possibility of shifting responsibility for selected areas to the supplier, e.g. issues with scaling and maintaining...

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From A to GCP – a cloud computing from Google

Google is one of the most popular cloud service providers. Google Cloud Platform is a set of cloud computing services and tools that allow for the development of both startups and organizations with years of experience...

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LCloud – Member of Google Cloud Platform!

Google is one of the largest cloud solution providers in the world.   Our membership in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage community is a natural response to the expectations of our clients in the field of multi-cloud...

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