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We have Chatbot in the team – ChatOps in practice

ChatOps is a pattern of behaviour that integrates chat users, chatbots and communication tools to improve the flow of information and perform tasks and operations related to project management. In the ChatOps...

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Serverless workshop!

On May 9, 2019, we met for the 5th time at the serverless community meetup. With this meeting, we have opened a workshop cycle in which our speakers pass on their experience to the enthusiasts of the cloud in a practical way....

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When backup is needed… in other words AWS Backup

Backup is one of the basic security elements that ensure meeting the requirements set in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes.   While implementing the process of creating backup policies one...

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Route 53 & Route 53 Resolver connecting people

Tools that are available in AWS cloud and allow you to direct users to your web application are Amazon Route 53 and Amazon Route 53 Resolver. Amazon Route 53 is a network service – a DNS (Domain Name System) service...

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