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Marketers - increase customer engagement with AWS tools!

19.2.2021 | LCloud

Customer experience and engagement is a growing value, that companies are paying close attention to. Due to increasing competition, as well as higher expectations towards services or products, companies are investing more and more time and money in systems that help them stay in touch with potential customers and take care of the current ones. On the other hand, sales and marketing departments need data, on which they can base their plans and actions. They also often lack insight into their customers’ expectations, problems and needs in order to tailor available services in a best possible way.

Amazon Web Services is not indifferent to the growing demand from companies present on the market and offers solutions that allow for multi-channel customer engagement and extensive analysis. 

What AWS tools are we talking about? Below we present the most important ones.

Let’s stay in touch – Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a tool responsible for building a virtual contact center that allows for quick contact with the customers and solving potential problems in real time. It is possible to create both: voice and chat versions. Amazon Connect provides customers with fast, professional service with problem solving, clarifying any doubts or answering additional questions, also before making a purchase of a product or service.

A complex tool for marketing departments? Amazon Pinpoint! 

A comlex platform for inbound and outbound marketing that is easy to set up and manage? Amazon Pinpoint is just such a tool. It allows us to segment our contact base, create funnels, campaigns, and design customer journeys, as well as send emails, SMS, voice messages, and push notifications. Additionally, Amazon Pinpoint collects data in one place and allows for extensive analysis. 

Advanced communication with Amazon Lex 

Conversational interfaces have been growing significantly in recent years. One of Amazon Lex’s goals is to help create these functionalities. Thanks to them, without engaging additional human resources, it is possible to answer the most frequently asked questions, help customers solve some of their problems or schedule an appointment. All this makes contact with the company, from the customers’ perspective, easy and smooth. Thanks to that, their engagement and attachment to the brand increases.

Email marketing using Amazon SES

Amazon SES, or Simple Email Service, is an email marketing platform that allows you to send faster, more precise, and easily verifiable messages to your customers. It can be used in a variety of ways: sending automated emails with subscription and purchase confirmations, as well as creating email marketing campaigns. The tool also allows for verification and analysis of sent messages.

Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend

These are two connected tools by Amazon Web Services. Amazon Transcribe provides the ability to automatically write down voice messages. This allows for analysis of voice messages based on the created texts. Additional usage of Amazon Comprehend, makes it possible to compare those messages with one another and to conclude, for example, which functionalities cause most satisfaction or problems in customers’ requests.

What do you gain by conducting multi-channel customer engagement using AWS tools?

  • Make changes quickly and dynamically. You can manage activities and set everything up according to your needs at the optimal time.
  • Pay for what you use. This is a benefit that appears in almost all AWS services. Using the tools, you pay only for those things, that you actually use at a given time. This has an influence on your cost optimization.
  • Flexibility of tools. You can use AWS tools in the way you need them at specific time. Not only, can you increase the range of services, you can also reduce it at any time, if you consider it necessary.
  • Wide availability. Accessibility from anywhere in the world for both: you and your customers. 
  • Better segmentation and personalization. You can segment your customers according to their stage of the journey and thanks to that, tailor your content better.
  • Analytics and access to results. With access to analytics, you can review past actions, check critical points, and plan future work based on the data.
  • Improved efficiency. Amazon SES dashboards allow you to verify performance and analyze anti-spam systems. By looking at historical data, you can create more effective campaigns in the future.
  • High level of security. All AWS tools have a high level of security, so your customers’ data and queries remain protected.
  • Insight into your customers’ needs. Thanks to the ability to compare conversations with each other, you gain better insight into the most common problems related to your services and chance to improve them.

Digital User Engagement Events Database

Above, we discussed tools that can be useful in the topic of customer engagement. How to use them in practice and what other AWS tools can we combine them with to achieve the best effect?

One example here, could be the Digital User Engagement Events Database. This solution is particularly useful when it comes to analyzing customer engagement data in real time. Amazon SES and Amazon Pinpoint allow for multi-channel communication with customers: emails, SMS, voice messages, push notifications and more. Data flowing in from these channels can be directly transmitted to Amazon Kinesis. In turn, event data is stored in Amazon Simple Storage Services. Because the Amazon S3 data schema is ultimately stored in AWS Glue Data Catalog, it is possible to request data queries using a tool like Amazon Athena.¹


Use of the above mentioned tools directly affects the interaction and frequency of contacts with customers, as well as analysis. Customers gain many new possible ways of communication with the service provider. Companies, thanks to multi-channel communication with customers, are able to improve their services, provide a sense of security, high level of customer service and marketing activities.