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Serverless workshop!

13.5.2019 | LCloud

On May 9, 2019, we met for the 5th time at the serverless community meetup. With this meeting, we have opened a workshop cycle in which our speakers pass on their experience to the enthusiasts of the cloud in a practical way.

The meeting was opened by Paulina Pawlikowska (LCloud) and Adrian Kiełtyka (Aviva).

After several organizational issues, we went to the lecture of Tomek Onyszko (blogger and CTO), who told us why serverless is not lambda or functions and what are the consequences.

After an extremely interesting lecture, we went to the workshop part, in which Daniel Krzyczkowski (blogger and Senior Software Developer)  showed us the practical aspect of API Management in serverless architecture, in one of the cloud computing.

We also had a moment to networking, exchange of thoughts, additional questions and a slice of pizza.


See you at the next meeting!