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APN Well-Architected Partner - a prestigious title on the AWS client's services

29.7.2019 | LCloud
AWS Well-Architected Framework was developed by Amazon Web Services for cloud architects to help design a secure, resilient and efficient application infrastructure. It is based on 5 pillars, about which we have already written on our blog. The framework provides a consistent approach for both APN Partners and their clients. It is helpful in assessing architecture, the right choice of tools and the design process.
Who is an APN Well-Architected Partner?

Gaining the title of Well-Architected Partner is connected with deep knowledge about the AWS cloud. The partner, thanks to the experience in working with cloud services and excellent knowledge of AWS Best Practices, advises and proposes the best architectural solutions for the client. Thus, the Partner can create from scratch or optimize an existing environment that will be safe, efficient and resilient.

Why is it worth to cooperate with such Partner?

First of all, there are no random people in the Partner’s team. Each of the engineers working in it has AWS (Associate, Professional or Specialty) certifications that confirm the level of advancement and knowledge of services in the Amazon cloud. This allows the customer to get help in interpreting new and existing AWS services while saving time and budget. It is also important that Solutions Architects, apart from standard AWS certifications, have undergone dedicated training related to the Well-Architected framework.

A measurable benefit of cooperation with an authorized Partner is a possibility to get free AWS credits for cloud computing services, the implementation of which was recommended during the Well-Architected process.

It is important that thanks to the experience and knowledge of AWS best practices, the Partner prepares a proposal that is tailored to the needs of even the most demanding industries. This enables faster solving of problems related to costs, security or operational efficiency of the infrastructure.

Another advantage is the possibility of close cooperation with APN Well-Architected Partner, which makes the process of adopting the cloud easier and faster. This is extremely important due to technological advances that never slow down. But also significant from the point of view of the engineering teams’ skills related to designing cloud architecture.

It is also important that the program associated with the Well-Architected Framework provides a defined and effective process to help clients improve cloud infrastructure. It allows setting priorities and giving the right direction to the whole project. 

What are the benefits of working with APN Well-Architected Partner?

There are many benefits, both on the side of AWS, Partner and client. These on the Amazon Web Services side are primarily focused on the success of organizations using the cloud. An additional aspect is an uninterrupted feedback from Solution Architects who provide necessary information that can help improve the current and creation of new AWS services. Benefits of the Partner are an elite membership in the APN Well-Architected Partner Program, support from AWS in the creation and implementation of solutions or gaining experience in the implementation of projects.

By endorsing the cooperation of APN Well-Architected Partner in the field of architecture creation, there are a number of benefits that allow for a quick and effective way to achieve the set goals. For details, please send an e-mail to us at