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AWS Europe - changes in calculations and fees for the cloud

4.7.2018 | LCloud

Amazon Web Services plans to introduce changes related to the financial and payroll system that until now has been in force in Europe. In the message that was sent to customers, the following message appears:

Beginning 1 July, 2018, invoicing and payment services for your accounts based in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will come from our AWS European entity (known as “AWS Europe”).

What does this mean for practitioners in the AWS platform?


  • the user’s account, as before, is not charged with any fees and the VAT settlement will be in compliance with the law in force in the given country
  • 15 regional AWS branches will be created, which will deal with calculations related to the applicable VAT tax and issuing invoices.

What a customer must do on its side before 1st of July, is:

  • update the VAT tax number in the settings on the console
  • if the company does not have a tax identification number, it should be updated or confirmed by contact address and billing address

All information related to billing or account servicing can be found here.
AWS updates the FAQ database on an ongoing basis, so it is worth reaching for current knowledge in this area.