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AWS Summit Warsaw - the first such event in Poland!

23.4.2019 | LCloud
It is known not from today that AWS organizes some of the best events in the IT industry. They focus not only on the annual summaries of their achievements but also on the continuous provision of information, curiosities and extensive practical knowledge to their clients, partners and enthusiasts.

Due to the multitude of events organized by AWS, we wanted to present the idea of ​​individual AWS events.

Let’s start with the fact that everyone will find something for themselves. AWS organizes conferences, summits, workshops, training, meetings or webinars that connect the cloud computing community around the world. Among the community, we can find students, novice programmers, business people looking for solutions for their companies or experts working with the AWS cloud.

The most important event, organized in Las Vegas, in the last quarter of each year is re:Invent. This is the most spectacular conference related to cloud computing. It lasts almost 5 days, during which you can not only listen to the inspirational lectures of Andy Jassy, ​​Jeff Barr or Werner Vogels but also make new acquaintances and exchange experience with engineers from around the world. During the event, numerous training, certification exams, presentations of new products and lots of other great smaller events are organized. An interesting fact may be the existence of dedicated zones to which engineers possessing the appropriate number of AWS certification have to access the zone. At the end of the event, crowning the whole week of struggles with training, exams and lectures, the so-called. re: Play. You can read about what happened last year here.

A novelty among the AWS conference is announced during the last re:Invent – conference re:Inforce. Dedicated exclusively to security issues in the cloud. It will be held in Boston and will last 2 days (June 25-26). It will be maintained in the Re: Invent Convention, with particular emphasis on security. More details can be found at this link.

For the first time in Poland – in Warsaw, we will have the opportunity to participate in the AWS Summit. Thus, we officially announce that we have become the Silver Sponsor of this ultra-interesting event, during which we will be able to meet, talk and nail a high five with everyone who register today!

So what are AWS Summits?

These events are more local, taking place in many countries around the world, where not only practitioners and AWS experts appear, but also partners (just like us), cloud enthusiasts and experienced experts in the industry. It is a one-day event during which lectures are held covering the top issues related to the cloud, lectures on how to start working with the AWS cloud, panels related to innovations in the industry or migration and development of applications in the cloud. Summits are also a great place to take advantage of training and obtaining certificates. The AWS team and partners will be at your disposal all day long and will help you get technical answers, advise on business issues and design the best solution for you based on the AWS cloud.

What can you gain by participating in the event?
  • A massive amount of practical knowledge related to the latest technologies in the cloud. Experience the best cloud provider in the world, AWS.
  • Skills and competencies of the best AWS partners.
  • Opportunities for meeting and getting to know ultra-interesting personalities from the industry.
Why is it worth being on it?
  • Because it is free, just register.
  • Because the best experts associated with the AWS cloud will be there.
  • Because it is the first such opportunity in Poland to be so close to the fascinating world of the AWS cloud.

And the most important reason why you should be at the first in Poland AWS Summit Warsaw is the presence of Glenn Gore. Glenn is Chef Architect at AWS with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He works on the development and application of the best architectural practices in the AWS cloud. He also watches over cooperation with clients and how they use cloud and innovation to transform their own business.

Glenn has worked in management positions in engineering, research and technological development, working with clients such as Facebook, Twitter and NASA. He worked on projects such as the Large Hadron Collider, interplanetary networks and large dispersed systems.

Such a fantastic experience and passion that he puts into his work make it really worth taking advantage of the opportunity to meet such personality in Warsaw.

Events organized by AWS take place periodically

Conferences such as re: Invent or re: Inforce are held every year. AWS Summits (Summits), AWSome Days are planned from a few to a dozen or so a year. The same is true with AWS Transformation Days.

AWSome Days Online and TechTalks – these are on-line events taking place several times a month. The first one has the character of a conference where lectures are conducted. In contrast, TechTalks are online events in the form of affordable webinars or recordings from panels that took place during a different, larger event.

A full list of events organized by Amazon Web Services is available at the link.

We are extremely excited that after repeated participation in many re:Invents and other AWS events taking place abroad, we can become part of the spectacular event, which is the Warsaw Summit AWS.

We invite you to our booth, where we can talk about the possibilities of business development in the cloud, new technologies or simply naïve a high five. We are also preparing a surprise, so it’s worth visiting us.

How to join us?

All you need to do is register for the event. Below are all details:

See you at AWS Summit Warsaw!