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Docker on AWS

Docker containers are a support technology enabling the unification of the migrated resources without which many companies would not be able to transfer their applications to the cloud. Thanks to the containers, cloud computing is becoming available to an even wider audience.

Selected components of the application, packaged in a previously prepared container, meet the requirements for cloud storage and serving and their migration becomes possible. The container contains application parts, selected services, or connections between different applications as well as:

• instructions regarding cloud resources that are necessary to maintain the application,
• information regarding technological components,
• regulations regarding downloading the current version of the source code.

After placing the selected elements in the container (application, code fragment, etc.), it is placed in the computing cloud and links are established between the containers using special scripts.

The solution is especially useful for those whose applications with code that is obsolete and unprepared for serving in the cloud. It is also used by owners of complex environments that require prior unification to be managed efficiently. Container technology is also beneficial for those who value process automation, which is possible without delving into the details of the held resources each time.

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What will we ask of you before providing the service?

We believe that clear rules of cooperation, known to each party from the beginning, are the basis for effective project implementation. That is why we describe the way we work with details and inform all clients how they should prepare for the upcoming collaboration.

In the case of Docker containers use, we only ask that the client prepare a list of technologies that are necessary to create and maintain the application and to determine the dependencies between the specific application components. That's all.

What technologies do we use?

As a certified member of the Docker community, we know this solution very well and successfully use it to deliver projects to our clients. Docker is a technology used to create, deliver and run applications in a virtualised container environment. In addition, we also use:
• AWS CloudWatch – it allows us to collect data and track specific indicators, set alerts and automatically respond to changes in AWS Cloud resources,
• Ansible - it automates server and configuration management as well as enables running tasks on demand
• Chef – it allows us to test implemented solutions on local workstations.

What will you gain thanks to the service?

The most important benefit of using Docker containers is the ability to migrate to cloud computing even those applications that were initially not prepared for this. Docker allows us to unify resources and then transfer them freely. Thanks to the containers we receive a fully independent environment and all processes are automated.

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Below you will find the case studies of our clients, who decided to entrust us with their projects. Find out what challenges we have faced and what we have accomplished using the right solutions.

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