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DZP case study - Disaster Recovery solution for Lucy's legal app

3.2.2023 | LCloud

In today’s world, data loss is one of the greatest threats to enterprises. To ensure business continuity and protect important information, more and more companies decide to implement Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions.

As part of the project for the law firm Domański Zakrzewski Palinka Sp. k., we conducted a Proof of Concept (PoC) of the DR solution based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud for the Lucy application. This application is used to support document management processes and the work of a lawyer with a document, and currently contains over 5 million documents.

The DZP law firm is one of the leading legal entities in Poland. Since 1993, he has been advising Polish and foreign clients from various industries. DZP ranks high in international rankings and serves more than 90 countries.

The client is characterized by a high level of security awareness and a constant search for new technological solutions that increase the level of security. To ensure the continuity of the Lucy application, DZP wants to test an additional layer of security: Disaster Recovery’s location in the Amazon Web Services public cloud. To confirm the effectiveness of the solution, DZP entrusted us with a PoC (Proof of Concept) before deciding on the production implementation of the solution.

One of the most important assumptions during the implementation of the project was:

  • Increasing the level of application security
  • Testing the Disaster Recovery location in the AWS public cloud
  • Implementation of the PoC to validate the project’s purpose
  • Ensuring the operational continuity of the Lucy application
  • Fail-free recovery of the environment in the event of a failure 
  • Maintaining consistency, integrity and completeness of data
  • Maintaining the appropriate RTO and RPO parameters
  • Ensuring the highest level of data security

To validate the client’s expectations, we carried out functional tests of AWS cloud services in the area of disaster recovery. The choice fell on the AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) service.

AWS DRS is a solution that allows you to minimize data loss and downtime by quickly and reliably recovering applications at an optimal cost, using inexpensive storage. The service provides continuous replication, monitoring and testing without interruption of replication continuity and fast restoration of infrastructure in the cloud. The tests showed that thanks to the implementation, the client obtained an automated and safe disaster recovery solution, which increased the level of high availability of the application. The service is cost-effective because the replicated servers are not maintained continuously, but are switched on when the DR environment is started (Pay as you Go model).

After implementing the solution, the client expressed his opinion:

“We are positively surprised how efficiently and without any problems all the tests necessary to analyze the effectiveness of the solution were carried out. Especially the time to restore applications and data in the AWS cloud turned out to be impressive. We appreciate the cooperation with LCloud – a partner of Advanced AWS, which made every effort to design and implement the solution. Thanks to fruitful cooperation, we validated the concept of increasing high – availability for our application for lawyers – Lucy. LCloud are professionals who understand the needs, goals and expectations of the client and efficiently transform them into technological solutions. We recommend working with them.”

Marek Laskowski – CIO Domański Zakrzewski Palinka Sp.

Want to know more? Download the project case study in which we describe this implementation.