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Amazon Braket - access to quantum technology and other news
re:Invent day one

3.12.2019 | LCloud

The most spectacular novelty from the first day of re:Invent, the biggest AWS cloud conference, which is taking place in Las Vegas, is Amazon’s announcement of initiatives that are expected to contribute to the spread use of quantum computing, beyond existing proven concepts.

The newly announced AWS quantum service, Amazon Braket (in preview) is a fully managed service that enables scientists, researchers and programmers to start experimenting with computers from quantum equipment suppliers.

“Amazon Braket allows you to design your own quantum algorithms from scratch or choose from a ready set of algorithms,” according to AWS experts. “Once the algorithm is defined, Amazon Braket provides a fully managed service simulation to help solve problems and verify implementation.”

The ability to use quantum technology can theoretically allow you to perform calculations in tandem with each other on a huge scale, which in practice means a very fast collection of many data. In sum; quantum technology brings a huge change in power and computing capabilities. Details:

Amazon has announced several new services and functionalities.

Below a brief summary of their functionalities:

  1. AWS Deep Composer – the world’s first keyboard with Machine Learning for programmers. More:
  2. Amazon SageMaker Operators for Kubernetes – help developers using Kubernetes to train, tune and implement Machine Learning models in Amazon SageMaker. Details:
  3. Amazon Redshift – support for materialized views (In preview) – Redshift adds support for materialized views. “Materialized views” provide much higher query performance for repetitive and predictable analytical tasks, such as dashboarding, business intelligence (BI) tool queries, and ELT data processing (Extract, Load, Transform). More:
  4. EC2 Image Builder – a service that facilitates and accelerates and increases the security of the stored image. Details in the link:
  5. Amazon Transcribe Medical – Medical Speech Recognition: text-based clinical speech recognition service. Its task is to enable patients to communicate with doctors. More:
  6. Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry – In Preview : tores the event structure or schema – in a shared central location and maps these schemas to Java, Python and Typescript coding, making it easy to use events as objects in code. Details:
  7. AWS IoT SiteWise: 5 new additions and a change and change in the price list. Details:
  8. AWS License Manager: added management of dedicated hosts to simplify management of own licenses (BYOL). More:
  9. AWS launches a new migration acceleration program to support Windows server applications. Details:
  10. AWS DeepRacer AWS – more opportunities to participate, more learning options and more ways to win. More:

There are two key speeches ahead of us, during which the most news is usually announced, so the most interesting is yet to come.