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AWS re: Invent 2018 - what's new in the Amazon Web Services cloud

6.12.2018 | LCloud
Let’s summarize the services that premiered during this year’s re: Invent 2018. Below you will find a list of the most interesting sites that Amazon has prepared:
  • AWS Global Accelerator – a network service that allows you to easily route traffic to multiple regions and improve availability and performance for end users.
  • AWS Transit Gateway – a service that simplifies the network architecture.
  • C5d instances – the next instance of C5 with even more bandwidth than before.
  • Firecracker – a new virtualization technology that uses KVM.
  • P3dn instances that will allow you to discover more possibilities for deep learning, 3D image rendering and many more.
  • Elastic Fabric Adapter – network interface for EC2 instances.
  • AWS IoT Events – IoT sensor monitoring service.
  • AWS IoT SiteWise – a service that helps in collecting, constructing and searching thousands of data streams in many objects.
  • AWS IoT Things Graph – a service that allows you to quickly build IoT applications for edge gateways run on AWS IoT Greengrass.
  • S3 Glacier Deep Archive – a new class of memory for the S3 service for long-term archiving of data.
  • AWS Control Tower – a service that helps to automate the configuration of a well-designed AWS environment for multiple accounts.
  • Amazon Textract – optical character recognition service.
  • Amazon RDS on VMware – a fully managed service for local databases.
  • AWS Security Hub – a service that allows you to centrally view and manage security alerts and automate compliance checks in AWS accounts and between them.

Full summary in pdf version, ready for download available here.

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