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| Guardian News & Media Limited



SoulMates is a leading British dating portal owned by Guardian News & Media Limited, which is visited by over 500 000 users a month.

The character of the portal made high availability of the resources, auto-scalability, and complete security crucial for its proper functioning. Meanwhile, the application lost connection to the central code repository, thus limiting access to certain functions.

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Due to lack of technical documentation, we started the task with an audit to learn in detail about the character of the application and all resources used to make it function. Then, we cleared numerous errors from the application and proceeded to design a private cloud computing (using Amazon VPC) on the basis of the AWS public cloud.

We also designed procedures of auto-scaling of the resources, which will find useful during dynamically increasing or decreasing traffic at the portal.



We achieved all the goals set for the project, both the interim and long-term ones.

We re-established connection to the central code repository, which enabled re-establishing of full control over the portal and the mobile application.

The implemented solutions made the architecture highly available, auto-scaling, and flexible, just like an infrastructure adjusted to the needs of modern applications should be. Additionally, a thought-through project caused significant cost reduction of environment maintenance, while implemented supplemental services increased level of monitoring and automatization, thus simplifying the process of environment management.

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